Indoor 3v3


For the most up to date information about the registering for 3v3 indoor, please go to the site under the INDOOR SOCCER tab, you can also click here to get there.

Teams will not be scheduled into a bracket until all fees are paid in full.

Phone: (281) 724-9915

Office Hours: 12-5pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Space City Futbol Club
2750 W. Main, Ste B
League City, TX 77573


There are not any scheduled practices for the indoor teams. If a team wants to practice it’s up to them; otherwise you just show up, play your games and have a good time.

Player pass still applies; if a team needs players for a game they can borrow players from any indoor team.

Note: Players must be registered on an indoor team; NO players will be allowed to play if not registered.

Any issues should be addressrd by the coach to the SHAL Director. Coaches and Parents “DO NOT” address them to the facilities as we are just renting their space; SHAL is running the league not them.


Highlighted General rules:

    Standard Soccer rules apply. Below are some modifications.

  •  Number of players on field is 3 for one team (no keepers)

   Game Lengths:

  •           U4/5/6 - 3 12 minute periods with 2 minute breaks

    oU7/8 & U9/10 - two 20 minute halves with 2 minute halftime

If a team is ahead by 4 goals, the team who is down may add a player; if the losing team goes down by another 2 goals (meaning score would be 6-0); the losing team may add an additional player and continue to do so for every two goals the team goes down (Meaning 8-0, 10-0, etc..).  Once the losing team has pulled back the score difference as describe above, the extra players must come off the field. This is working in reverse of adding the players (Example Losing team is down 6-0 and scores a goal, one of the players added must now be removed). 

Players subbing in must wait until the player being subbed for is off the field

Home team is to wear dark color and visiting team light color; if there is a conflict home team changes. If needed pennies are ok to wear

No slide tackling

Goals may only be scored from past midpoint of field

If ball goes out of bounds, kick-in from the point where it went out. Goal kicks and corners remain the same.

NO more than two coaches allowed on the sidelines with the kids

Games start on time. Teams must be ready to go when ref blows the whistle. No warm up time on the field.

Any player/parent/fan ejected from the game will not be allowed to play/return for any additional games without the consistent of a SHAL Director.

Players not registered with the indoor League will not be allow to play.

For all other rules and/or registration of teams final determination lies with the SHAL Director or designee


An ejected player is ineligible for their next scheduled game. An ejected coach is ineligible for the next scheduled game, regardless of team. A second ejection to the same individual results in that person being expelled from the league. Any ejected player, coach, spectator or trainer must leave the facility immediately. Violation could result in further game suspensions.  The coach is responsible for the actions of verbal and physical abuse of referees by his/her spectators. Such abuse will not be tolerated. Violations may result in termination of the game and further sanctions by the SHAL Director or club Reps. Any coach who removes his/her team from the field during a game will cause the match to be abandoned by the referee and further sanctions may be added by the SHAL Director or club Reps. If a player refuses to give his or her correct name when requested by a referee, Facility Official, or any SHAL committee member or club rep the referee crew can terminate the game and additional penalties could be imposed by the SHAL Director or club reps.