Q. How will the Competitive Program be affected?

A. The boys program will be called Houston Dynamo Youth - South and the girls program will be called Houston Dash Youth - South. The training schedule will remain consistent to previous years.


Q. How will Competitive teams be formed?

A. Consistent with all competitive programming; new teams will be formed each year (May/June) using the current player evaluation process.



Q. How will boys’ teams be impacted by the Development Academy (DA) Programs?

A. Elite male players from Houston Dynamo Youth South (currently SCFC) will have opportunities to compete for roster spots with the Houston Dynamo DA, that train at HASP, and/or Houston Dynamo Youth SC DA, that train at Lents Park. Players on Dynamo Youth competitive teams are also eligible to become designated players for the Academy program.



Q. How will the girls’ teams be impacted by the Development Academy (DA) Program?

A. Elite female players from all over Houston will be competing for roster spots on the Dash DA teams. We expect to form the Dash DA teams before the competitive teams so players will know where they stand before competitive team player placement. Players develop at different rates so it is important to keep our top competitive teams as strong as possible to serve as the feeder system into the DA program. DA teams will be allowed to have up to 5 Developmental Players who can play in both the Competitive Program and DA. The top Competitive teams will continue to have an aggressive showcase schedule with a college preparation support program.

Q. Who will coach the Competitive Teams?

A. The current Executive Director of Space City FC, Randy Evans will be the Executive Director for the Dynamo/Dash Youth South program and responsible for assigning the competitive coaches.


Q. What impact will this have on club fees?

A. The fee structure will change. Current fees include the price of uniforms and training gear. Families will order and pay for their uniforms and training gear straight from Overall we are anticipating a 2% to 3% increase in fees (consistent with a normal cost of doing business increase). This could change slightly once the uniform fee has been confirmed.


Q: When and where will our games be played?

A: We will have teams playing in the USC league and the Dynamo/Dash league. We plan to have our teams continue to play in the leagues they are currently in. Therefore, locations and play dates will be consistent with previous years.



Q: Who do I contact for more details?

A: The website will stay up to date with the latest information. You can also reach Bryan Carleton at or Randy Evans at