How will this affect the current Texas Rush DA Program?  For the new season starting in Fall 2017, the Texas Rush DA will become the Houston Dynamo Youth Soccer Club DA.


Will there be two Houston Dynamo Development Academies? Yes, operating in two different locations:

  • Houston Dynamo DA
  • Houston Dynamo Youth Soccer Club DA (formerly Texas Rush DA)


Which age groups will Houston Dynamo Youth Soccer Club DA have?  In Fall 2017, we will have 6 teams:

  • U12 – Players born in 2006
  • U13 – Players born in 2005
  • U14 – Players born in 2004
  • U15 – Players born in 2003
  • U17 – Players born in 2001 & 2002
  • U19 – Players born in 1999 & 2000


Who will the coach the DA teams?  The current Texas Rush coaching staff and leadership will transition into the new DA program. 


Will there be a connection to the Houston Dynamo professional players?  Yes.  DA players will have an opportunity to watch the MLS team train.  Professional players will occasionally attend DA training to offer advice to the youth players.


What will the connection be between the MLS team staff and the DA staff?  The first team coaches will occasionally attend DA training and games to observe the development of the youth players. The Dynamo Academy Staff and Dynamo Youth Staff will share a curriculum and philosophy. 


How many times per week will we the DA train?  Four days of training per week


Where will DA training be held?  2 days per week at Lents Family Park West and 2 days at Bear Branch or Gosling (depending upon the age group).


Where will the DA teams play their home games? Bear Branch Field #7 (Championship Field)


What uniform will the DA wear?  The DA will wear a Houston Dynamo uniform (sponsored by Adidas) which are similar to the MLS team.


How much will it cost?  The DA fee structure will remain consistent.                    


How do I get on a DA team?  US Soccer discourages formal tryouts and encourages DA clubs to invite players into the team environment at any time throughout the year. Several players in the Greater Houston area have already been identified and will be contacted directly. In our first year, we may still have a couple traditional open tryouts and potentially an invite only tryout.  Interested players will be sent tryout information directly.  For more information, email


What are the demands of a typical DA season?

  • 10-month season (Aug 1 – December 15) (January 15 - June 15)
  • 4 training sessions per week
  • 26-33 league games per season
  • 2 College Showcases per year